Why Should I Sell?

There are many reasons to cash in on your oil and gas rights now…here are just a few.

  • IMMEDIATE CASH FLOW: ┬áSelling gives you the ability to gain financial freedom now. No need to worry about market fluctuations and drilling uncertainty. Oil and gas royalties are a depleting asset. Don’t wait until they have a zero value.
  • FINANCIAL HELP FOR YOU and YOUR FAMILY: Being able to offer your family financial help, purchase a new car, pay off your home mortgage, do renovations, even retire early! Your children may have accumulated large college debt or you may have additional costs to help aging parents with their needs and debt.
  • ALTERNATE INVESTMENT: Take your mineral rights cash-in money and invest it in something else that may be safer and less speculative than oil and gas. Mineral rights take time to manage properly, and may require hiring lawyers, accountants, and financial planners. You may not have the time or desire to manage your mineral rights whereas cash management is much easier.
  • INHERITANCE WORRY: Many folks worry about having to pass mineral rights down to family members who may argue over who gets what and how much. Cash is more easily distributed and will give your heirs liquid assets that they can do with as they please.
  • CURRENT TAXES: Selling may very well save you money on taxes versus managing the mineral rights and collecting bonus and royalty money at higher tax rates.
  • ESTATE TAXES: Selling minerals from an estate gives even better tax benefits in most states as compared to an estate transferring the minerals to heirs.

Let us take the stress out of selling your mineral rights!

While our physical office hours may be reduced or suspended temporarily due to the Coronavirus outbreak and related government directives, we are still working remotely and will continue to provide service via e-mail and telephone.

So please continue to call and e-mail in order to contact us.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.