How Do I Sell My Mineral Rights?

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Mineral right values are unique. We evaluate each potential purchase on a case-by-case basis, and take in consideration many factors, including: location of minerals and local oil and gas production results and current market values. Do you really own your oil & gas rights? This question is often answered by our team of experts. In the United States, mineral rights can be “severed” or separated from the surface rights. Therefore, it is possible to purchase property from a seller who themselves never owned the mineral rights. Fortunately, we have a team of experts that are trained in discerning if you actually own mineral rights.

  1. CONTACT US! Call Us at 570-948-9280 or  Email Us : or use our easy CONTACT FORM
  2. QUOTE: we will need some basic information from you and then we can give you a quote AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  3. PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT (PSA) : we put together a purchase and sale agreement that states agreed upon sale terms that we offer to you.
  4. CHECKING TITLE: We pay to run title and other due diligence!*
  5. CLOSING: after title is cleared, you sign a mineral deed and you are paid.
  6. From start to finish, this process usually takes between 30 and 90 business days.


*SPECIAL NOTE: We bear all the costs of closing and preparing any documents. You may need to pay taxes (most likely capital gains on the sale which is usually a lower rate than regular income from lease bonuses and royalty payments), so you should consult a Certified Public Accountant for tax advice.


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